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Links to Other Submarine/Naval Sites

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Official U.S. Navy Homepage
This is the official navy web site and contains information, digital imagery, and the full text of the Navy's magazine, All Hands
Submarine World Network
The Submarine World Network is a smorgasbord of submarine information ranging from veteran info to pictures of the latest subs coming out of port.
Run Silent, Run Deep
An all around informational site containing answers to questions I had about submarines.
All Hands Magazine
This is the navy's monthly publication for sailors and officers in the Navy. This is an official Navy web site
Nuclear Forces Guide
This contains detailed information about ballistic missile submarines. I loved it.
This site, primarily in Italian, contains information on Italian Submarines.  Some parts have been translated into English.
Nautilus Alumni Association
This site contains some great information on contacts and events for Nautilus alumni.  Check it out.
Deep Domain
A large submarine site covering a variety of topics concerning vintage subs, games, sub watches, and more.
A Russian submarine on sale in Florida!  Thanks to someone for posting this link on the message board.

Some Miscellaneous Sites That Requested a Link

U.S.S. Iowa Veteran's Association
The U.S.S. Iowa Veteran's Association web site has over 80+ online color pictures of the Iowa as well as other neat stuff.

Scooby's Fighter Combat
An incredible resource for information on fighter planes, Scooby's Fighter Combat is one of the premier sites on the web for information.

Missile Country
An excellent site concerning ICBMs and the crews who manned the silos 24/7 during the cold war waiting for the fateful order to launch.


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