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The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage

by Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew with Annette Lawrence Drew


For decades, American submarines have roamed the ocean depths engaged
in a spectacular battle for information and military advantage.
Sometimes their missions were successful, other times tragic, but
whatever the results they shared one thing: classified with the highest
level of secrecy, they were never revealed--until now.

Combining brilliant research and a lively narrative style, BLIND MAN'S
BLUFF, now in mass market paperback with an added Afterword and an
Awards Appendix, reveals the dramatic but true history of America's
highly clandestine, dangerous, and often deadly submarine espionage
missions, from the Cold War through the Clinton administration.

Investigative reports Christopher Drew and Sherry Sontag introduce
readers to the submariners and the scientists who silently spent their
careers hunting for enemy subs, undersea cables to tap, weapons lost on
the ocean floor, and other subs that had gone down with their doomed
crews still aboard. Sontag and Drew have uncovered startling facts
about missions gone awry, medals awarded in secret, and deaths
disguised with disinformation--facts long covered up by the military
and by the U.S. government.

Among the revelations found in BLIND MAN'S BLUFF:

* How the United States repeatedly tapped undersea Soviet telephone
cables in both the Atlantic and Pacific.
* The secret attempt to steal an entire Soviet submarine with the help
of the CIA and Howard Hughes.
* How the Air Force lost a live nuclear missile, and how a Navy
scientist used an 18th century mathematical formula to find it on the
ocean bottom.
* The bitter rivalry between the CIA and the Navy and how the CIA may
have sabotaged submarine espionage.
* The untold story of a tragic undersea collision between an American
and a Soviet sub.


In an Afterword created for the mass market edition, the authors
describe their book tour and the reactions of the men they met, the men
who lived the real stories of BLIND MAN'S BLUFF. Also added is an
Appendix listing awards for Surveillance Missions and Other
Achievements. These awards are given to boost morale and honor
achievements, especially for the highly secret missions where there is
no public recognition; the list provides a guide to which boats and
crews brought home the best intelligence during the Cold War and the
years since it ended. These submarine awards have gone to the top boats
in each era of submarine spying; a comprehensive list, drawn from Navy
records, names of all the submarines that have taken top prizes and the
time periods for which they were honored.

This epic story of adventure and patriotism beneath the sea has all the
excitement of a Tom Clancy novel and all the tragedy of DAS BOOT, with
one major difference--everything in it is true.

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